Art and Creative Direction by Mark Sabb

I am an art director using technology as my medium. My work spans experimental art and interactive conceptualization for projects with the artistic collective FELT Zine which I founded in 2011. Through FELT I have been able to collaborate with companies such as Vice, Epic Records, and more via our unique visual aesthetic.

I approach every client and project on an individual basis with an excitement to tackle unanswered questions, and a thirst to lead brands of the future through creative technology. By using a mastery of adobe's creative suites, and staying on top of the newest developments in web, virtual reality, and augmented reality technology I am able to find solutions by combining and utilizing a variety of mediums ranging: 3d rendering and modeling, front-end development, graphic design, video production, creative writing, and more.

Feel free to email or connect with me socially with any comments or questions. I am currently available to discuss projects.

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VR, AR, + Interactive Design

Since my freshmen year of high school I’ve viewed the web as a canvas; through teaching myself adobe creative suite and coding languages such as html and python, I became an artist. In all of the projects listed I led the graphic design team contributing between 50-100% of the visual art on every website and wrote all of the code as a sole author. By incorporating aspects of UI / UX design and classical art ideologies such as color theory and composition, I am able to create web sites that balance my strengths in coding and visual art. Most of these projects are internet art pieces that are meant to be shared, played, and experienced via social media, oculus rift, and/or projection mapping. Implementing scripts in ways they were never intended to be used allows me to learn their limitations inside and out, and build upon existing frameworks.

I'm active on community spaces like github which keep me on the cutting edge of website design with my already extensive knowledge of three.js, parallax scrolling, responsive design, and vast jquery knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding the source code to any of the sites listed please feel free to send me a line on Stack Overflow.

Experimental, Non-mobile

Bitcoin Digibank Visualization
The Harlem Diplomats
Fantasy Mountain
YCUC (w/ Vegeta)
An Ode to Ghostfacekillah
Holy Trinity
The Queen

Athletic Branding Concepts

"The Life" (Urban music concept for women's athletic wear)
CS13 (Futuristic cyborg concept for Street-wear clothing brand Supreme)
CSFC (An American Remix of Nike's FCRB collaboration with Soph.Net)

Interactive Album Art + Credits

Conrizzle - Eastern Wayne Alumni

Mobile Compatible

The Girls
Hello Kitty
Macbook (w/ AKNP)

Art Director,

Video Producer,

Creative Director.

Companies + Consulting

Anatomy Magazine (Fashion)
G5 Music Group (Independent Hip Hop Label)
New Vintage (Video Production)
FELT (Art Collective)
EU Kicks (Sportswear / News)

Notable Art, Fashion,

+ Music Campaigns

Skyzoo | Theo vs. JJ (w/ art by LeSean Thomas, animator of The Boondocks + Black Dynamite)
Dreamers Clothing + Matlin Jenkins collaborative T-shirt (sold through Karmaloop)
Nickelus F. | Various digital single releases through The New Music Cartel
ConRizzle | Various digital album and single releases
Joop Software Deluxe! | Cassette Release
Sloww Lyfe | Digital Album Release
Tommy Toussaint | Digital Single Release
EU Kicks | Launched, directed, edited, and produced several webseries including: "Sneaker Shops" which took me to China, NYC, ATL, and more.

Video Production

In almost all of the projects listed I have filmed, edited, and produced promotional videos. I think in movies. When blaring music out of my headphones on public transit it’s hard not to imagine any morning commute as my opening title sequence to the day. After diving into Photoshop as a teen my next adventures were with video editing suites such as premiere, after effects, and final cut pro. I found the work-flow of these programs very natural and I still enjoy the subtle, nuanced intricacies of video editing.

By making use of affordable DSLRs and my skills with the aforementioned programs I was able to produce, direct, and edit a string of independent music videos during my college career. During these years I collaborated with some of the fastest rising, relevant, and progressive talent in the independent music underground such as: Nickelus F., ConRizzle, M1 Platoon, Skyzoo, and more. While shooting music videos I also produced several video web-series for EU Kicks, the largest European digital sportswear magazine, with a focus on urban global fashion including: A Sneaker Story, Sneaker Shops Around The World, The Collection, and more.

I have produced over 50 music videos and fashion vlogs for publications and artists, shooting on location in New York City, Beijing, Atlanta, Charlotte, NC, Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA.

A few years ago I got my introduction to stop motion animation with my frequent collaborator Luis Reyes. Together we crafted several short films under the moniker "Los Buenos" as a contribution to the FELT arts collective. All of the videos were shot on green-screen with a small DSLR and a home-made lighting kit, then later edited in Premiere and After Effects.

Features +

Other Writing

Writing about writing just feels very… metaphysical; however, I went to a University for four years to be a… writer? To the right are some of my feature articles published on the web and in print… because, you know, we’re lucky enough to be a part of the last generation of humans that are going to waste trees.


Nate Hooper on What’s Next After Rebel8 (MashKulture)
The Great Ball in China: Why Wade’s Jump to Li-Ning Might Not Have Been The Right Move (EU Kicks)
Ronnie Fieg | The Spirit of a New York Hustler (EU Kicks)
The Southern USA’s Sneaker Scene: As Told By Its Biggest Players (EU Kicks)
Wale: The Collection Means Nothing (EU Kicks)
The Clipse Interview (Anatomy)
Daniel Johnston Interview (Anatomy)
Joshy D., Creator of Rebel8, Interview (Anatomy)
Datalife – Verbatim, Album Review (FELT)
M1 Platoon – Rippin They Sh*t Pt. 2, Album Review (FELT)
Cairo Liberation Front, Interview with Devon Moore (FELT)
Kreyola Kidd Interview for HypeBeast China (Mandarin)
Daily Posts for Kicks On Fire
Daily Posts for The Daily Tar Heel
Daily Posts for SlamxHype
Daily Posts for EU Kicks


Carolina Collects (Ackland Art Museum) | Features on Harry Callahan + Roxy Paine
The Daily Tar Heel | Several Page 1 & 3 Articles
Institute for The Arts and Humanities | Mayron Tsong Feature

Experimental Art Concepts

Naturally being an experimental thinker, I find it hard to follow conventional thinking and believe in utilizing my creativity to solve problems. I have applied the same principle to my design as I create with innovative ideas and technology.

I have curated and produced physical and digital experimental art exhibitions; served as art director for several electronic cassette and bandcamp music releases for art-rock, noise, art hop and experimental electronic record labels; and I am the creator and central figure of FELT, a rising digital arts collective.

FELT has expanded to include: FELT|SuperHD, a series of interactive 3D websites that blend internet art and primitive video gaming; and Cloud Sports, a collaboration with EU Kicks, Europe’s largest independent urban fashion site, which manifests itself with an surreal, futuristic clothing line and faux sports league.

Community Project

In Tracing Poetic Memory in Bayview Hunters Point I will capture aspects of everyday life and experience, past and present, in Michael Warr's childhood neighborhood to create an online poetry book incorporating spoken word, text, video, digital images, and animation on an interactive website. In revisiting his old neighborhood we will observe what has survived, what has changed, and how the community is changing again. Tracing Poetic Memory is being developed in collaboration with the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA with support from the Creative Work Fund.

Exhibitions + Press

I love to tell a story that one can feel radiating from the installation inside a physical space or the glow of their digital screen as an artist or curator.


Thank you for reading through my Porfolio if you've made it this far. Feel free to send me an email or follow me on twitter. I look forward to hearing from you. Since you've made it this far you deserve to hear one of my favourite songs.

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